Can Hoodia Diet Pills make you lose weight?
   Neil H. Metzger

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In its refined state, Molecule P57AS3 (the appetite-suppressing ingredient in Hoodia gordonii diet pills) is 2,700 times more costly than gold

Now you can get Hoodia diet pills with P57AS3 in its most potent form naturally available on the market - for only 44 cents per milligram!

You want to stay with me here. In my search to find the best P57AS3 VALUE in Hoodia diet pills, I had to do a little research. First, I needed to understand how Hoodia gordonii PURITY and P57AS3 POTENCY apply to the real world you and I live in. By P57AS3 POTENCY, I mean the actual percentage of P57AS3 in Hoodia gordonii diet pills by weight. Alkemists Pharmaceuticals lists this as a diet pills' "P57AS3 w/w%" value. Armed with information from any valid Consumer-Relevant Test, we can easily figure out the actual amount of P57AS3 (the molecule that does the "heavy lifting" of appetite suppression) in different diet pills. This information lets us know if the diet pills we're paying for are a good deal or a ripoff. Potency and purity are not identical, but they are related. Purity is a measure of potential potency. In active-herb, powder-based Hoodia gordonii diet pills, PURITY means the PERCENT (calculated by weight) of active Hoodia gordonii in the actual diet pills. This includes any impurities (such as magnesium stearate, a common "flow-agent") found in the final diet pills. When I decided to try Hoodia diet pills, I discovered I would need a daily dose of at least 2.5 milligrams of the P57AS3 molecule contained in a Hoodia gordonii diet pill to lessen my huge appetite. This meant I'd need around 12 milligrams of P57AS3 per day! Unable to afford thousands of dollars a day, but knowing it was a matter of life and death, I whipped out my organic chemistry books, became a human guinea pig, and began doggedly fact-checking all available information. South Africa's CSIR and PhytoPharm were (officially) keeping key research close to the vest, but I decided to get "creatively aggressive." In the end, not only did I interact across the globe with key original sources cited throughout the web, I checked THEIR cited sources to bring YOU the bottom line. To find a consistently reliable source of P57AS3 for the lowest price, I knew I would need:
  1. Diet pills processed from only the PUREST amount of the most potent part of Hoodia gordonii - the shaved or "peeled" stems - with NO fillers, NO additives, and NO "flowing agents" (such as magnesium stearate or stearic acid),
  2. A REPEATABLE, RELIABLE lab test that could VERIFY and RE-VERIFY the AMOUNT of P57AS3 with anonymously gotten, randomly selected, actual selling standard Hoodia gordonii diet pills and
  3. Companies so willing to stand behind their Hoodia gordonii diet pills that they would allow ongoing testing AND independent publication of the results by independent labs like Alkemists Pharmaceuticals.
Armed with this information, I was determined to find an honest, reliable Hoodia gordonii diet pills supplier and then select the lowest possible price per milligram of P57AS3. Here's what everyone keeps overlooking:

It doesn't matter how how much or how little you're paying for Hoodia diet pills.

What you must have is the absolutely purest Peeled-Stem Hoodia gordonii products at the lowest possible cost per milligram.

THREATS TO HOODIA GORDONII PURITY AND P57AS3 POTENCY Dilutants to single-herb Hoodia gordonii diet pills fall into two main categories:
  • "Flowing agents," fillers, non-P57AS3 additives and

  • P57AS3-inactive parts of Hoodia gordonii, such as its roots, flowers, and the thorny spicules present in "whole stem" Hoodia gordonii.

Fillers and Flow Agents Cost You Money. Here's How It Works...

Potency: Using Pure-Stem Hoodia gordonii

Total Dilutants



Hoodia gordonii (pure)





Hoodoba PURE 750*



2.40 mgs.

Brand "B"



1.92 mgs

Brand "C"



1.61 mgs

Brand "D"



0.79 mgs

Brand "E"



0.36 mgs

The more fillers and flow agents, the more you pay per unit for P57AS3-Active Hoodia gordonii. 

Ex. Comparing Brand "C" with Hoodoba® PURE 750 (at $1.00 per 750 mgs):


Cost per Milligram
Hoodoba® Pure 13 cents
Brand "C" 20 cents

Bottom Line: You'll pay 150% more each day to get the same amount of Hoodia gordonii - if you make the mistake of getting Brand "C's" diet pills instead of Hoodoba® Pure Hoodia diet pills.

And here's the kicker:

By far, "flowing agents" are the biggest dilutants to powdered Hoodia gordonii's purity and potency.

The reason most people lose the "battle of the bulge" before they ever start is because they have bad information.

It's easy to see how that happens. With all the hype and false promises, most folks either get suckered in by whoever makes the most outrageous claim... Or... They give up all together.

Here's the good news...

As of February 2010, I've found at least 2 pure Hoodia gordonii diet pills that fit the bill.

Better yet... The actual diet pills I tested weighed MORE than their listed weight 750 mg.

The average net weight was 807 milligrams of Hoodia gordonii powder, or 2.58 mg. P57AS3. (Twenty diet pills yielded 16.15 grams.)

And I haven't even mentioned that all other companies use "whole stem" instead of "peeled stem." Multiplying the numbers for Brands B through E by 0.9 would give you closer estimate of the amount of P57AS3 you'd get IF other companies used the same potent plant batch.

Fortunately for dieters, I've found what are not only the PUREST and MOST POTENT Hoodia gordonii diet pills currently available... But... They also contain the lowest confirmable price per milligram of P57AS3!

My Personal Experience:

For capsules, HOODOBA® PURE hoodia diet pills are the hands-down winner. In my real-world, personal experience, Hoodoba Pure hoodia diet pills contian at least 2.5 to 4 times the potency of the next nearest competitor's diet pills.

This matches scientific evidence and objective testing. Their currently available 750 mg. product has a confirmed P57AS3 cost of about 44 cents per milligram.

For elixirs, POTENT HOODIA lives up to its name as the most effective liquid diet pill available.

In my real-world, personal experience, Potent Hoodia is at least 2 to 5 times more potent than the next most-potent elixir... And... at about $1.41 per milligram of P57AS3, it's still a bargain when compared with the cheapest online price I could find.

If you've got enough information and want to see the amazing properties of Hoodia gordonii for yourself, here are the only Hoodia diet pills I recommend.


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