Can Hoodia Diet Pills make you lose weight?
   Neil H. Metzger

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Tips and Tricks to Lose Weight and Stay Thin

  PERSONAL EXPERIENCE In the first month of taking HOODOBA® PURE 750 Hoodia and HOODOBA® Hoodia Elixir, I went from 287 lbs to 261 lbs. I typically took about 2900 mg. during weekdays and as much as 5000 mg. on certain tempting weekends. Taking these diet pills left me with almost no craving to eat. At one point, I was eating only 400-600 calories per day. That's when I noticed my weight loss had almost stopped. (After this happened a few times, I learned that there was a reason for this stall that wasn't directly caused by my eating.)

I was very concerned. Was something happening to my "secret weight loss weapon"? Fortunately, the answer was... "Hoodia Works!"

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My Secret



When I emailed the manufacturers of HOODOBA® PURE diet pills and HOODOBA® PURE elixir)... I received a very helpful reply from their customer service department.

They advised me to INCREASE my caloric intake to 1200 calories.

Losing weight by eating MORE went against common weight loss theory, so I resisted. About two weeks later, I ran across information that proved they were right on target: If you eat less than 1/3 of the number of calories your body requires to maintain your current weight, your body will slow your metabolism. Thinking it's "Crisis Time," your body essentially says, "Food is scarce, I must conserve." As long as you eat at LEAST 1/3 of the calories your body would require to maintain your current weight, your body's metabolism will function properly and will use the remaining fat stores as energy. Once I began consuming 1200 calories, HOODOBA® diet pills continued providing smooth sailing until I reached 220 pounds. When I reached 220, weight loss slowed down again. I was still eager to continue losing weight, but when I used a body mass calculator to determine how many calories I had to cut to keep losing, I was frustrated because it said I needed to consume less than 950 calories or my weight would remain stagnant. Problem: Since it's unhealthy for someone my size to take in less than 1200 calories, I had to find another way to continue losing weight. I did some research and discovered what I call... Hoodia Diet Pills "Best Practices" Maintain an Even Hoodia gordonii Bloodstream Level. Take your Hoodia gordonii diet pills even if you're not hungry before a meal. This ensures your "appestat" continues to send out "Not Hungry" signals. Minimize Daily Calories. Even if you take enough Hoodia gordonii diet pills to completely obliterate your hunger, make sure to eat the minimum number of calories your BMI requires. Not only will you actually lose MORE weight than if you starve yourself, but you'll be increasing the amount of ATP, the human energy currency, in your brain. (Dr. David MacLean's studies at Brown University prove that although P57AS3 increases hypothalamic ATP in underfed rats by 40%, it DOUBLES the amount of ATP in rats that have been fed.) Sleep at Least 7.5 Hours in every 24 Hours Lack of sleep increases weight gain because it interferes with leptin and ghrelin chemistry. Maintaining levels of these chemicals (and others) are crucial. Whenever I pull an "all-nighter," I need extra Hoodia gordonii diet pills to achieve the same level of appetite suppression. A little known fact about the effects of modern life that makes losing weight even tougher. After I lost my first 30 pounds, I noticed my weight loss had slowed dramatically. I already knew about keeping my food intake up above 1200 calories and about the importance of exercise. The Hoodia diet pills kept doing their job of controlling my appetite, but I began to be frustrated at my lack of progress. It was then that I found out about the effect of toxins on weight loss. You see, fat cells are not just passive stores of energy, they also serve as a quarantine mechanism to keep environmental poisons from circulating through our bodies. If the bodies lymphatic system is unable to remove these toxins, it will slow or even stop our weight loss. So no matter what you do, you can't lose weight. That's when I discovered diet pills called The Slenderizer™. It's an all natural de-toxifier that acts as a master cleanser. I learned it helps your liver and lymph system flush all the poisons of modern living out of your system. When that happens your body returns to its natural, balanced state. You feel better and can focus on the task at hand, getting lean and healthy. If you have trouble sleeping and want to burn fat, consider adding LipoRid PM™ diet pills. Here are some other tips to help you keep the momentum going... EXERCISE Exercise helps decrease your weight and increase your health. It helps you lose fat instead of muscle mass. This is where Hoodia diet pills can really help out. When you exercise, your metabolism speeds up and helps you to lose weight. Unfortunately, your appetite will increase too. But even if a specific exercise regime increases your appetite enough to require an extra capsule of Hoodia gordonii diet pills, the exercise benefits far outweigh the cost. If you take Hoodoba®, the Hoodia gordonii inside is potent enough to handle ANY appetite. TAKE CLA When you reach about 125% of your BMI weight, start taking Tonalin™ CLA. (I began taking it sooner.) CLA diet pills help you burn FAT stores instead of valuable muscle tissue. In concert with Hoodoba&#174 and exercise, you'll lose the RIGHT weight faster. DRINK TEA Tea is an excellent fat-burner. Wu-Long tea may have the highest percent of antioxidants per cup, but any caffeinated tea will help. Your best option is to drink at least two cups of tea daily. I regularly add Potent Hoodia liquid diet pills to my tea. It's a tasty combo and it keeps the snack wolves at bay. Since Potent Hoodia works better than any other Hoodia liquid diet pills I've tried--including one with half the stated dose and one that was watered down--it's the quickest practical way of rushing potent Hoodia gordonii into your system when in a hurry. Before breakfast, I often use 45 drops and chew a Hoodoba&#174 PURE 750. "CHEEK" HOODOBA Try letting Hoodoba&#174 PURE capsules dissolve between your cheek and gums. For me, keeping a Hoodoba&#174 PURE 750 between each cheek extends the duration of appetite suppression by a few hours. Doing this with LipoRid PM™ diet pills keeps you asleep the whole night without ANY hunger pains. If you've got enough information and want to see the amazing properties of Hoodia gordonii for yourself, here are the only Hoodia diet pills I recommend. Sincerely, Neil If you want to learn more, keep reading! Start here: SiteMap and Website Overview.