Can Hoodia Diet Pills make you lose weight?
   Neil H. Metzger

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Have You Been "Taken In" By Any Scams Involving Hoodia Diet Pills?

When I decided to publish the facts I uncovered while researching Hoodia diet pills, I came across more scams (more ways to try to decieve me and you out of our hard-earned money) than I ever imagined.

It seems like some folks get a sick thrill out of taking money dishonestly, and the weight loss industry attracts its fair share of these swindlers. Not only that, but the laws can be pretty confusing to consumers. Many of the diet pills manufacturers that I classify as scammers and hustlers still manage to stay a hair's breadth on this side of the law. I'm sure they pay their lawyers plenty - they can claim they're doing everything right, while continuing to dupe a lot of people. The way the Internet is, when folks catch on and start spreading the word about dishonest practices, the dishonest Hoodia diet pills sellers just close up shop and show up under a new "dotcom" name. They're holding up the long-tradition of snake-oil selling, but you don't have to be their victim. The "Slick 7" Hoodia Scams While I don't have enough space or time to cover the numerous hoodia diet pills scams, I have developed a list of the MOST heinous offenses. This list should help you hold on to your money, and still find the Hoodia diet pills that are right for you. Slick Scam #7: The "Other Hoodia" Scam I found out there are currently at least 16 known species of Hoodia. So far, only Hoodia gordonii, grown in South Africa, has been proven to contain active samples of molecule P57 - confirmed by clinical studies to control appetite. The current market for genuine Hoodia gordonii is around $300 per kilogram (or $136/lb.). This makes Hoodia a very valuable commodity. You can see the opportunity this creates for dishonest, fast-buck artists to enter the market. One of the ways crooks try to fleece unsuspecting dieters is to use untested species of Hoodia in their diet pills. Not only is there no proof that any other species of Hoodia works, but many of the plants are endangered. So while it's possible that science may find other beneficial uses for different Hoodia species, we must stop these bio-pirates now. Otherwise, we may wipe these potentially beneficial plants from the earth before they can be examined. Slick Scam #6: The "Free* Sample" Scam This is one of those times when unscrupulous companies can stay within the letter of the law and still take you for a hefty chunk of change. Here's how it works: You visit a Website claiming to offer you a "Free* 7-Day Trial Supply." For only $6.95 Shipping and Handling, they tell you they'll send you a 1-week supply of Hoodia diet pills. If you look on the site, you'll see they don't even attempt to provide documentation or a way for you to look at the label. As far as asking for independent verification of purity? It's nowhere to be found. If you're gullible enough to give them the credit card information they ask for, you've set yourself up for a real headache. By filling in the form and hitting the "submit" button, you are giving them permission to keep sending you diet pills every month. You'll find the diet pills that are automatically sent to you are significantly more costly than what you could have paid for genuine, independently tested pure Hoodia diet pills. On one Website I visited, the price was $40.00 per bottle more than the diet pills I use - almost twice as expensive! And I suspect the dosage was lower. That's assuming they were using real Hoodia gordonii, but given the business practices of these lowlifes, I wouldn't bet on that. Slick Scam #5: The "Sawdust" Scam OK, you've got to hand it to these folks, they're just plain old-fashioned greedy. I won't go into a long explanation about how this works, but if you want to know which company got caught doing this, email me, and I'll send you the link.

Slick Scam #4: The Old "Bait And Switch" Scam

This can happen at 2 different points along the supply chain. Many times, companies who want to be honest are victimized by brokers who send them a genuine sample of Hoodia gordonii. The company then sends the sample for testing and acquires their certificate of authenticity. All well and good, but then, when it comes time to deliver the remainder of the product, the brokers fill their bulk diet pills with something entirely different. As a result many U.S. diet pills companies may be selling counterfeit hoodia diet pills - while believing they are 100% genuine. There are also some companies who knowingly engage in this practice as well. They simply send a "good batch" to an independent lab, like Alkemists Pharmaceuticals, then simply substitute a different substance with less Hoodia gordonii than what you're led to believe. This is why it is important that any company you do business with must clearly display their CITES Certificate. Of course, this leads us to another possible way to deceive... Slick Scam #3: The "Doctored Certificate" Scam Because everyone who exports genuine Hoodia gordonii from South Africa is required to possess a valid CITES certificate, it is good business for any company to display this certificate on their Website. It shouldn't surprise you to find out that dishonest sellers are "appropriating" legitimate CITES certificates, then doing a little creative PhotoShopping to make it appear as if they've gone through proper channels. Even though they're selling counterfeit diet pills, it appears they're on the up-and-up. What you should know: Real CITES certificates clearly show the name of the importer and exporter of the Hoodia. A fake CITES certificate will usually have these expunged. Again: Laboratory testing is the only way to be 100% certain of authenticity when it comes to pure Hoodia liquid or Hoodia diet pills. Slick Scam #2: The "Whole Plant" Scam When I first learned about Hoodia diet pills, I was ignorant of much of the research that had been done. One thing I learned along the way was that it is only the peeled stems that provide the highest levels of the P57 molecule (the constituent in Hoodia that tricks your brain into thinking it's full). So when I ran across a "Health and Wellness Makeover" site going into great detail about the benefits of "whole Hoodia" diet pills, I got a bottle right away. This was the first bottle I bought. I was so eager to get my appetite under control - I even got out an old pair of jeans I hadn't worn for 6 years! I dutifully took the Hoodia diet pills for a week. Nothing. It seemed at times, I could imagine my hunger loosening its grip, but most of the time, I couldn't feelany difference. I went back to the Website and looked for the label that showed what ingredients were in the diet pills. I looked for a half hour and never could find the ingredients. That was my first warning. Of course, after doing a little research, I soon learned that it's only the peeled stems that provide maximum appetite suppression (or what the scientists call "anorectic action"). What you should know: Always check to see if the Website makes it easy for you to inspect the labels of the diet pills you're considering. That's not to say that you don't need to take other precautions, but if there is no label, you can bet they're hiding something. (The site I got my Hoodiafrom claimed that "if it's in the bottle, it's on the label." Trouble was - I never could find the darned label! ) Slick Scam #1: The "Other Ingredient" Scam This last scam is the most common. And to be frank, I almost didn't include it. Here's why: It's clear that any flow ingredients or anti-caking agents like magnesium stearate or stearic acid added to diet pills mean there is less room for the actual Hoodia. However, this practice is perfectly legal. So it's truly a case of "let the buyer beware." What you need to know: There is one Hoodia diet pills supplier I've found that offers pure Hoodia with no added fillers, giving you the highest concentration of available 100% P57 active Hoodia gordonii. These are the diet pills I use now. If you're aware of any others, please email me. Get informed, get the facts and get thin! Sincerely, Neil P.S. If you've got enough information and want to see the amazing properties of Hoodia gordonii for yourself, here are the Hoodia diet pills I recommend. P.P.S. This is the only brand I've found that offers pure Hoodia diet pills with no added fillers or flow agents. If you want to learn more, keep reading! Next Page: Dieting And Diet Pills.