Can Hoodia Diet Pills make you lose weight?
   Neil H. Metzger

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Would it be okay to drink wine while taking Hoodia diet pills?

From Q & A: Hoodia Reviews I was born and raised in beautiful Milan, Italy where a glass of wine with a meal is common. I put on a few extra pounds from the recent surgery on my back which put me on the inactive list for a couple of months. My concern is if there are any effects while taking Hoodia diet pills and alcohol simultaneously?—Sophia, Italy Hi Sophia, Research studies have indicated that there are many health benefits for some to drink one/two glasses of wine a day. As for using alcohol and Hoodia diet pills together, my advice strongly discourages combining the two. The level of effectiveness will fall short of your expectations if you include an alcohol beverage the same sitting as your meal. Publicity and stunning results have made Hoodia the # 1 diet supplement for weight loss because it cheats the brain to make you feel full so you naturally eat less at meals with no side effects. Consuming alcohol with your meal eradicates the master ability to curb one's appetite by mimicking the same effect that glucose has on the brain. Nonetheless, if need be, my recommendation is to take them at different times of the day. This means, you can take your last diet pills of the day before dinner so you may enjoy your wine later in the evening. Chances are though, if you are serious about weight loss, alcohol is limited or maybe even restricted from your diet. If you have a specific question about hoodia that isn’t covered here, please contact me. I will try to get back to you within 8-24 hours! « Previous Hoodia Review   Next Hoodia Review » Sincerely, Neil P.S. If you've got enough information and want to see the amazing properties of Hoodia gordonii for yourself, here are the only Hoodia diet pills I recommend. If you want to learn more, keep reading! Next: How Hoodia Works.