Can Hoodia Diet Pills make you lose weight?
   Neil H. Metzger

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What does Hoodia really do to my body?

From Q & A: Hoodia Reviews I am going to be straight forward with my question, Erica. I am 60 years old, and due to my age I'm not computer savvy, so I tend to read the newspaper daily. Can you please tell me what Hoodia is really capable of doing for me? —Marc, Washington D.C. Hi Marc, Marc, there is no shame in not having computer skills. At least, this way, you're not being exposed to all the misinformation about Hoodia that is being tossed around on the Internet. Nonetheless, it's becoming more difficult to shop in a pharmacy or health store without seeing something related to Hoodia diet pills and becoming confused by the various claims and counter claims. This is where I step in to help set the record straight. Hoodia gordonii itself dates back several thousands years to the southern region of Africa where the indigenous San Bushmen have been using it throughout the ages. To provide for their families, they often went out on long hunting trips in the Kalahari Desert in search of wild game animals which for them remains to this day a valuable food source. To lessen the weight they carry, they ate the Hoodia gordonii plant along the way to rid of their bodies of hunger and thirst. Interestingly, there are 20 species of Hoodia. However, of the 20, the only one they use with any regularity is Hoodia gordonii, which is also the one proven in scientific trials and experiments to work wonders. The experiments showed that Hoodia gordonii is the specie that has the ability to suppress the appetite making it possible to lose weight. This is due to the P57 molecule found inside the spiny cactus which is said to be 100,000 times more powerful than glucose in it's ability to act upon the brain. So, instead of gorging yourself with food until you’re no longer feeling hungry, Hoodia diet pills will fool the brain and make you believe you're full before you even sit down to eat! Weight loss happens from the calories you are used to eating, but cannot consume because of the Hoodia you've taken. Hoodia gordonii is only an appetite suppressant and it can help you to lose weight. However, you must approach it with a certain degree of seriousness and steadfastness, and you MUST be sure you're using the right Hoodia diet pills. Only then, will it be possible to achieve the results you're looking for. If you have a specific question about hoodia that isn’t covered here, please contact me. I will try to get back to you within 8-24 hours! « Previous Hoodia Review   Next Hoodia Review » Sincerely, Neil P.S. If you've got enough information and want to see the amazing properties of Hoodia gordonii for yourself, here are the only Hoodia diet pills I recommend. If you want to learn more, keep reading! Next: How Hoodia Works.