Can Hoodia Diet Pills make you lose weight?
   Neil H. Metzger

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Mike Adam's Hoodia Investigation Independent Investigation reveals trusted source for getting Hoodia gordonii Diet Pills, etc.

Trusted Source For Buying Hoodia Revealed ~ by Mike Adams (Newstarget): This is part five of our investigative series on Hoodia gordonii, a natural appetite suppressant for weight loss. I spent $1,742 and over a hundred hours investigating the hoodia industry, ordering products, and interviewing hoodia product providers. What I've found is that many companies claiming to sell hoodia are actually selling counterfeit products. But there are also trusted sources. Based on my investigation, there are only two sources of hoodia I currently recommend: (list recently updated) Hoodoba® — Hoodia Gordonii Diet Pills is now my top recommended source for hoodia capsules. This company has completed a successful lab analysis certifying that their hoodia is genuine. The company offers a 3-bottle price of $47.95 per bottle (plus shipping) for 90 capsules, each containing 400mg. They also use vegetarian capsules, which are expensive to source, by the way. In all, this is a fairly high priced product, but then again, when you're selling real hoodia, the price has to be higher. With all the counterfeit products on the market out there, Hoodoba is one you can trust, and I've got the lab results to prove it. (Note: just to repeat, I have absolutely no financial involvement with this company, and I earn nothing from this recommendation.) More testing under way: We are now in the process of buying Hoodia products from around the 'net and having them all subjected to rigorous lab analysis. This is a very expensive proposition (believe me), which will cost more than $6,000 to conduct. This is difficult because we don't actually sell any hoodia products, and so we have no way to recover those funds, but we're going to pursue it as a service to our readers nonetheless. The results will be shared here, and this list will be expanded to show the exact details of what we found. So stay tuned. How to use Hoodia to actually lose weight So you've bought a supply of hoodia, and now you want to know how to use it. To cover this, I have to share my own experience in using hoodia for weight loss. First, I've found that what works best for me on a weight loss phase is taking hoodia every morning and afternoon. Easy enough, right? Throughout the day, I realize that I have to eat in order to stay healthy. I exercise and strength train, too, so I know that if I don't eat at least 2,000 calories a day, my body will start losing muscle mass (which I definitely don't want to happen). So I track my calories to make sure I get at least 2,000 a day. This way, I'm still gradually losing weight, but I'm not shocking my body and losing lean muscle mass, which would lower my resting metabolism and hamper my fat loss efforts. Personally, I use a Palm handheld computer to track my daily caloric intake. Each time I eat something, I key it in. But I'm not a food Nazi about all this, I don't track every calorie and every minute of the day. I only eat when I'm hungry or after I've exercised. For the rest of the day, I just drink water. I absolutely, positively do not drink soft drinks or sweetened drinks of any kind. Water is the only drink I take. I don't eat ice cream, and I don't partake in cakes, cookies, sweetened cereals or other foods that are loaded with sugar or fat. This is just common sense, and taking hoodia doesn't give me a license to eat junk foods. So I stick with healthy dietary choices while I'm on hoodia.... Reprinted with Permission of Mike Adams & (Formerly Sincerely, Neil P.S. If you've got enough information and want to see the amazing properties of Hoodia gordonii for yourself, here are the only Hoodia diet pills I recommend. If you want to learn more, keep reading! Next: How Hoodia Works.