Can Hoodia Diet Pills make you lose weight?
   Neil H. Metzger

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60 Minutes, Oprah, BBC... Are Hoodia diet pills for real?

Here's where I went to separate the

proven information about diet pills from hype.

If you're like most of the people I've met, the first time you heard about Hoodia diet pills and liquid Hoodia was from CBS' 60 Minutes, Oprah, or from a BBC clip on the web. Like you, I watched all the television reports, but it's hard to get a real feel for something in an 8-to-12 minute segment. I did manage to find out enough good information determine whether Hoodia diet pills were a fad or a real solution my frustrations. The CBS report stated that Hoodia diet pills are:
..very different from diet stimulants like Ephedra and Phenfen that are now banned because of dangerous side effects. Hoodia doesn't stimulate at all. Scientists say it fools the brain by making you think you’re full, even if you've eaten just a morsel. From 60 Minutes Nov. 21, 2004
I was encouraged when I found out... No harmful or unpleasant side effects have been reported by users of Hoodia gordonii diet pills. Most of the other Hoodia diet pills reports I saw on television were full of fluff with not much substance, but I scoured the Internet and got a lot of interesting - and inspiring - information. But you must exercise caution. I'd say the number of SCAM sites out number the genuine Hoodia diet pills suppliers by well over 100-to-1. Like anything on the Internet, it's sometimes hard to separate what's fact, what's fiction, and what's outright, deliberate misinformation. That's why I encourage you to double check anything I say with other recognized authorities. If you find any inaccurate statements on this Website, I want you to let me know right away by emailing me. I don't want you to think that you can't trust any of the sites you see on the Internet. One of the ones I've come to trust the most is Mike Adam's (Formerly known as Mike has been covering natural health subjects for quite sometime, and his organization follows a strict code of journalistic integrity. It's worth mentioning here the 6 questions Truth Publishing ('s publisher) says you should ask about any news source:
    1. Does the publication in question accept money from advertisers to place full-page ads adjacent to feature stories on the exact same subject?
    2. Does the publication in question send you subscription offers disguised to look like invoices or bills?
    3. Does the publication in question interrupt you with excessive, annoying ads?
    4. Does the publication in question charge companies exorbitant fees for article reprints?
    5. Does the publication in question try to collect demographic information about you to sell to advertisers or mailing list companies?
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Saturday, November 26, 2005 by: Mike Adams

I urge you to get the facts before you make any decision about the best diet pills for you. So what else do the reports say about Hoodia diet pills? Here are some summaries and excerpts from the best information I found. More from 60 Minutes:
The beauty about Hoodia is that after you take it, you really have no appetite to speak of. Scientists say, the plant tricks the brain by making the stomach feel full—something the SAN People have known for thousand of years.
BBC Examines The Hoodia Plant:
To see for himself, (BBC Reporter) Mangold drove into the desert, four hours north of Capetown in search of the Hoodia plant. Once there, they found an unattractive plant which sprouts several tentacles, each the size of a long cucumber. The tentacles are covered in spikes which had to be carefully peeled. He ate about half a banana size - and so did his cameraman. Soon after, they began the four hour drive back to Capetown. Despite haven't eaten any food whatsoever, throughout the entire journey their brains kept telling them they were fully fed, so much so—they did not even think of food. Dinner time came and went and still they had no desire to eat. They didn't arrive to their hotel until near midnight, at which time they went to directly to bed—without food. The next day, neither wanted to eat—and neither ate breakfast. They later ate lunch but without appetite—and with very little pleasure. Finally, partial then full appetite returned slowly 24 hours after they had both sampled the Hoodia plant in the desert.
Africa's Bushmen May Get Rich From Diet-Drug Secret
Leon Marshall in Johannesburg for National Geographic News April 16, 2003 A deal has been signed between the South African San Council and the country's Scientific and Industrial Research Council (CSIR), which identified the appetite-suppressing ingredient in Hoodia during research into indigenous plants in 1996. At a small ceremony recently held in the Kalahari desert near the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, which South Africa shares with Botswana, the San and the CSIR made a deal to share royalties earned by commercial sale of the San's ancient knowledge of the plant. The overly nourished millions of people in the developed world spend billions of dollars a year on preparations and remedies to combat obesity. Effective new products that help shed weight are always in high demand.
These are the most informative sites and stories reported since Hoodia diet pills began attracting serious attention for there remarkable power to stop hunger cold. Get informed, get the facts and get thin! Sincerely, Neil P.S. If you've got enough information and want to see the amazing properties of Hoodia gordonii for yourself, here are the only Hoodia diet pills I recommend. If you want to learn more, keep reading! Next: How Hoodia Works.